The program for the 6th Asia-Pacific Housing Forum has been drafted with careful research and extensive consultation with sector experts. The Housing Forum’s topics and sessions have been developed after careful analysis into the most pressing global issues concerning access to decent and affordable housing.

8.30 am to 9.00 am
9.00 am to 9.30 am
9.30 am to 10.30 am
The Critical Importance Of Housing Finance In Addressing Persistent Housing Problems In Developing Countries

Outlining the role of housing finance— mortgage, non-mortgage secured and micro-finance in expanding both the demand for and the supply of affordable housing

10.30 pm to 11.00 pm
Tea Break
11.00 am to 12.30 pm
What Goes On In A Housing Finance System?

Discussing the structure and logic of mortgage- and alternative loan instruments and main models of funding housing finance, the current frontiers in housing finance and the role of government policies to scale up housing finance.

12.30 pm to 1.30 pm
1.30 pm to 2.15 pm
Evolution of housing finance system in India


  • Mr. Sriram Kalyanaraman
    – Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, National Housing Bank
2.15 pm to 3.00 pm
Role Of Banks And Housing Finance Companies In Financing Affordable Housing In India


  • Mr. Deepak Joshi
    – CEO – ManiBhavnam Home Finance Company
3.00 pm to 3.30 pm
Tea Break
3.30 am to 5.15 pm
Risks, Costs, Pricing And Profitability Of Housing Finance

Presenting the costs and risks that drive pricing of the mortgage portfolio, and the factors that can bring down the cost of lending. How do these costs and risks differ for micro-lending and therefore the price of micro loans?

5.15 pm to 5.30 pm
Close of Day 1
9.00 am to 10.00 am
Expanding Housing Finance To Lower Income Market Segments

Examining common constraints to down-market expansion of mortgage lending, and alternative products and delivery channels used by lenders to increase lending for lower income populations

10.00 am to 10.45 am
Case Study Presentation By India Shelter


  • Mr. Sunil Jain
    – Chief Financial Officer India, Shelter Finance Corporation Limited
10.45 am to 11.00 am
Tea Break
11.00 am to 12.15 pm
Overview And Cases Of Non-Mortgage Housing Finance

Presenting alternative models and their pros and cons of secured lending, as well as non-secured lending innovations for housing

  • Mr. Rajan Samuel
    – Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India
12.15 pm to 1.00 pm
Case Study Presentation By MicroBuild India


  • Mr. Ramachandra Vaidya
    – Chief Executive Officer, MicroBuild India
1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
2.00 pm to 2.45 pm
Case Study Presentation By Chaitanya


  • Mr. Samit Shetty
    – Managing Director Chaitanya India Fin Credit Pvt. Ltd
2.45 pm to 4.00 pm
Subsidizing Housing Finance

Focusing on the role and design of government subsidies to expand housing finance down-market

4.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Tea Break
4.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Presentation Of Certificates And Class Photo
8.00 am to 9.00 am
9.00 am to 11.00 am
Welcome and Inauguration

  • Welcome:
    Ms. Lara Shankar Chandra, Director-Strategic Management Unit, Habitat for Humanity India
  • Setting the agenda:
    Mr. Rajan Samuel, Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India
  • Guests of Honour:
    Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
    Ms. Renu Sud Karnad, Managing Director, HDFC Ltd.
  • Announcing the establishment of the Housing for All Coalition of India
  • Lighting the lamp
11.00 am to 11.30 am
Tea Break
11.30 am to 1.00 pm
Opening Plenary - Strategic Partnerships for Scaling Housing and Sanitation in India

Moderated by: Joseph Scaria, Director, Resource Development, Asia Pacific office, Habitat for Humanity International

  • Mr. Sriram Kalyanaraman, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director, National Housing Bank
  • Dr. M. Ravi Kanth, Chairman & Managing Director, Housing and Urban Development Corporation*
  • Mr. Kamal Singh, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network India
  • Mr. Richard Northcote, Chief Sustainability Officer, Covestro
  • Mr. Rakesh Israni, Director, Avaas by Nebula
  • Ms. Shubika Bilkha, Business Head, Real Estate Management Institute
1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
2.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Break Away Session (BS)

BS I - Financing Affordable Housing in India

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Greg Skowronski, Director, Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter, Asia Pacific office, Habitat for Humanity International
    – Habitat for Humanity’s work in housing microfinance: Global housing microfinance survey and market research in India

  • Speakers:
  • Mr. Sanjay Nayar, Chief Executive Officer, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
    – Role of housing micro finance and micro mortgage loans in addressing ‘Housing for all’
  • Mr. Vasudevan Suresh, Former Chairman & Managing Director, HUDCO-Housing and Urban Development Corporation
    – Finding the affordable bucks: New building blocks
  • Mr. Anand Rao, Managing Director, Chaitanya Finance Credit Pvt. Ltd.
    – Role of financial institutions in promoting rural housing
  • Mr. Aravamuthan Ramesh Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Swarna Pragati Housing Finance
    – Creating housing finance inclusion for the under-served in rural India
  • Dr. H. S. Gill, Executive Director, Human Settlements Management Institute
    – Achieving affordable housing in India
  • Mr. Madhusudan Menon, Executive Chairman, Micro Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.
BS II - Sanitation Wellbeing and ODF++

Session Chair:

  • Ms. Gouri Choudhury, Founder member, Action India
    – Women's Initiatives for community management of water and sanitation

  • Speakers:
  • Mr. S. Amarnath,Head of Programme at Navya Disha - Partner of Grameen Koota Financial Services Pvt. Ltd
    – Partnerships for achieving ODF
  • Ms. Pratima Joshi, Executive Director, Shelter Associates
    – Sustainable sanitation in urban slums
  • Mr. N. G. Baghavan,Senior Principal Scientist, Centre for Scientific Industrial Research– Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Mr. Manas Rath, Senior Advisor, Consortium of DEWATS Dissemination Society
    – Beyond toilets and ODF: Services and treatment Infrastructure for complete sanitation
  • Dr. Suman Chahar,Sr. Vice President, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation
    – Sulabh technology for sustainable development
BS III - Disaster Response and Preparedness

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Srinivas Chokkakula, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Policy Research
    – Disaster risk and resilience: The Gorkha earthquake experience

  • Speakers:
  • Mr. N. Vinod Chandra Menon, Former member, National Disaster Management Authority
    – Changing trends in humanitarian assistance and response
  • Ms. Eilia Jafar, Head-Disaster Management Unit, Care India
    – Gender and shelter in emergencies
  • Mr. Ajay Kumar Katuri, Professor, Taru Leading Edge
    – Housing vulnerability status in India
  • Mr. Joseph Sahayam, Convenor, Inter Agency Group (Tamil Nadu)
    – Disaster response and preparedness: Leave no one behind
  • Mr. Ahyan Shandilya , Country Coordinator-India Programme, Handicap International
    – Inclusive approach to disaster response and preparedness
  • Mr. Peter Nelson, Executive Director, Indo-Global Social Service Society
    – Inclusion in disaster response and learning from communities
BS IV - Sustainable Urban Development

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Ajay Suri, Regional Advisor-Asia, Cities Alliance
    – Slum up-gradation and in-situ development, redevelopment and security of tenure

  • Speakers:
  • Dr. Anjali Mohan, Lead-Research and Policy, Indian Housing Federation
    – Embedded informality and inclusive cities:  Using the statutory framework of development planning
  • Ms. Shalini Sinha, India Country Representative, Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing
    – Livelihood and housing and infrastructure for the working poor in the cities
  • Mr. Hitesh Vaidya, Country Representative-India and Mr. Gregor Herda, Regional Housing Advisor for India, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, United Nations Human Settlement Programme
    – New Urban Agenda and its linkages with housing
  • Ms. Firoza Mehrotra, Strategy Advisor, Homenet South Asia
    – Home-based workers not to be forgotten
  • Ms. Bijal Bhatt, Director, Mahilla Housing Sewa Trust
    – Housing and infrastructure financing
4.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Tea Break
4.30 pm to 5.30 pm
Plenary II

Moderated by: Mr. Sanjay Daswani, Senior Director, Resource Development, Habitat for Humanity India

  • Summary of Break Away Sessions I, II, III & IV by session chairs
  • Q & A Interaction
  • Close of Day 1 of APHF6
9.00 am to 9.15 am
Plenary III

  • Welcome by Ms. Janet Serrao Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer,Habitat for Humanity India
  • Recap of Day 1 by Mr. Naresh Karmalker, Consultant, Habitat for Humanity India
9.15 am to 10.30 am
Understanding Housing Sector Impact: Presenting the IKEA project in South India

Moderated by: Dr Marja Hoek-Smit, Founder & Director, International Housing Finance Program (IHFP); Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

  • Mr. Swetan Sagar, Chief Operating Office, MCRIL
  • Mr. Ramachandra Vaidya, Chief Executive Officer, MicroBuild India
  • Mr. Sanjiv Ray, Terwilliger Fellow, India
10.30 am to 11.00 am
Tea Break
11.00 am to 1.00 pm
Break Away Session (BS)

BS V - Achieving Affordable Housing in India

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Indu Prakash, Lead, Action Aid
    – From Homelessness to homefullness

  • Speakers:
  • Mr. Sameer Gandotra, Director, Avaas by Nebula
    – Technology for better housing and role of private sector
  • Ms. Banashree Banerjee, Independent Architect
    – Affordability and informality in the housing sector
  • Dr. Madalasa Venkataraman, Researcher, Indian Housing Federation
    – Affordable housing and breaking the cycle of poverty
  • Dr. P. S. N. Rao, Professor, School of Planning and Architecture
    – Formality and affordability: Can they go hand in hand?
  • Mr. Kirtee Shah, Chairman, KSA Design
    – Policy, programs, projects and people: Why is housing a big struggle for all in cities, towns and villages
  • Mr. Nithyanandam Yuvaraj Dinesh Babu, Chief of Party, USAID
    – Rooftop solar sector in India and energy efficient housing
BS VI - Sanitation Wellbeing and ODF++

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Mahesh Nathan, Head WASH Programme, World Vision India
    – CLTS++

  • Speakers:
  • Ms. Kavita Wankhade, Practice Lead, Indian Institute of Human Settlements
    – Urban sanitation issues
  • Mr. Kamal Kar, Founder, CLTS Foundation
    – Essential elements for scaling up Swachh Bharat Mission to achieve an ODF India
  • Mr. Alok Dasgupta, Head-Technical Cell, Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence
    – Provision of sanitation services and making communities open defecation free
  • Mr. Swapnil Chaturvedi, Founder Samagra
    – What we have learned from designing and operating community toilets
  • Mr. Ajay Durrani, India Managing Director, Covestro (India) Private Limited
    – Role of private sector in sanitation and partnership with Habitat India
BS VII - Disaster Response and Preparedness

Session Chair:

  • Mr. Vikrant Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer, Sphere India
    – Revisiting minimum standards for shelter and settlement planning

  • Speakers:
  • Dr. Santosh Kumar, Executive Director, National Institute of Disaster Management
    – Building resilience of cities
  • Mr. Mihir Bhatt, Director, All India Disaster Mitigation Institute
    – Role of cities in achieving national climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Mr. Salmon Jacob, National Coordinator-Climate Change & Environment,  World Vision India
    – Climate change mitigation/ adaptation practices from rural India
  • Mr. Mrinal Gohain, Director, Action Aid
    – Drawing upon local knowledge and tradition for appropriate housing in the flood plains in North East India
  • Mr. Sailendra Pattanaik, Programme Officer, Catholic Relief Services
    – Building back better
  • Mr. Ramesh Babu, Director-Programs, Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief
    – Vulnerability and capacity assessment, principles of DRR, community based disaster preparedness process, mitigation measures/structures and advocacy at the community level
  • Mr. Penial Malakar, Central Coordinator Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit,  Emmanuel Hospital Association
    - Simplifying for sustainability – the gamut of disaster preparedness
BS VIII – Sustainable Urban Development

Session Chair:

  • Ms. Akhila Sivadas, Director, Centre for Advocacy and Research
    – Can urban development foster inclusive cities?

  • Speakers:
  • Dr. Kulwant Singh, Chief Executive Office, 3R Waste Foundation
    – Waste management: ISWM Framework
  • Dr. Debolina Kundu, Associate Professor, National Institute of Urban Affairs
    – Issues of urban development in India- Insights from secondary data
  • Dr. Kamalkant Pandey, Professor, Indian Institute of Public Administration
    – Urban governance initiatives with special reference to Ahmedabad and Bengaluru
  • Mr. Abhishek Bharadwaj, Alternative Realities
    – Skilling the informal sector workers
  • Mr. Thiru G. Prakash, IAS, Commissioner, Chennai Municipal Authority
    – Urban Sanitation under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Tamil Nadu
1.00 pm to 2.00 pm
2.00 pm to 3.00 pm
Plenary IV

Moderated by: Mr. B. V. Selvaraj, Senior Advisor, Government Relations, Habitat for Humanity India

  • Summary of Break Away Sessions V, VI, VII & VIII by session chairs
  • Q & A Interaction
3.00 pm to 4.00 pm
Panel discussion on Grassroots experiences in Housing and Sanitation Interventions by HFH India Partners

Moderated by: Mr. Justin Jebakumar, Director Delhi PIO, Habitat for Humanity India

  • Fr. Savari Raj, Director, Chetanalaya
  • Mr. Javed Ahmad Tak, Chairman, Humanity Welfare Organisation HELPLINE
  • Ms. Alphina Joslin, Chief Executive Officer, Bullock-Cart Workers Development Association (BWDA)
  • Mr. Rajesh Malviya, Chief Functionary, National Institute of Women, Child and Youth Development (NIWCYD)
4.00 pm to 4.30 pm
Tea Break
4.30 pm to 4.45 pm
Closing Plenary V

Recommendations of APHF6

by Mr. Naresh Karmalker, Consultant, Habitat for Humanity India

4.45 pm to 5.15 pm
Way forward and closing remarks

by Mr. Rajan Samuel, Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India

5.15 pm to 5.30 pm
Vote of Thanks

by Ms. Lara Shankar Chandra, Director-Strategic Management Unit, Habitat for Humanity India